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Hog House Report


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2/25/02  Preliminary Investigation

9:00 PM to 11:30 PM

Investigators present Tonya L., Tracy H., Lucille B.

Guest Investigators Jerry H., David B.

Weather Conditions: Windy, 29 degrees and Cold. Full Moon, Partly Cloudy.

Preliminary Report - We began the investigation with a short interview, most of which was conducted on the phone & via email; we inspected the area, making mention of air vents, wind sources, neon lights, and reflective items, such as mirrors, metal etc.

As we set up for the investigation, we had minor equipment failure, mostly battery failure & camera flashes stopped working.

As we began, we started on the far South West Corner of the restaurant we have some slight EMF fluctuations in this area registering up to a 5 in certain areas, no electrical outlets or sources were known, the fluctuations stopped as abruptly as they began. We relocated into the dining area, and stopped at a doorway leading to the North Stair Case, we continued to get slight EMF readings in this area, but nothing substantial. We proceeded into the North Stair Case/Hallway where many reports have originated.

We noted many temperature fluctuations in this hallway and staircase, the most being a 5-degree differential. Later in the evening this is the same Hallway where we appeared to have got locked in the hall, there is not lock on the door, and we could not get out the over time, the manager came to our rescue. We continued to take EMF readings around the dining rooms and bar area. We went into the Kitchen area, where Pots & Pans have been heard rattling. The team agreed there was a presence in this area, but it faded away as we instigated questions. We left the Night Shot in this area, unattended for approximately 45 min. Results are being analyzed.

Photographs so far have included some minor "orbs" in the kitchen area. More photos will be available soon, after development & evaluation.

There are several areas where we did witness substantial temperature fluctuations & EMF readings, with anticipation we continue to analyze video and photographs that will hopefully support our technical readings.

GHOULI * Did not witness anything "Paranormal" Related while conducting the Preliminary Investigation. We will be returning soon for a follow up investigation and to conduct further interviews our final verdict will be posted soon. As for this location being "Haunted", after or data is analyzed, we invite you to visit and be the judge yourself.

LOCATION HISTORY - In the 1920's this location was once a cheerful and productive Movie Theatre located on the outskirts of Oklahoma's Historical Packing Town District, it then was transformed into The Long Branch Saloon shortly after. This location remained the Long Branch Saloon for many years, and was known to have a tattered past. After it*s closing the building was closed down for many years. Over time, there have been many attempts to revive the old building, including many different kinds of Clubs, Bars and Restaurants, most having a not so attractive history. Many deaths have been reported here, but GHOULI * has yet to explore those reports. This building dwelled closed for many years, in between each deteriorating business. In the 1990*s Harley Davidson World purchased the building, and began renovations. The building now includes a full operation retail and parts store, along with the Hog House Restaurant upstairs. For this to be such an deep-rooted building it is fully operational, and the Historical charm still remains to this day. The Hog House Restaurant has reported several unexplainable occurrences ever since they have been open for business.  

Upon speaking with the manager of the Hog House Restaurant, she explained that there have been strange happenings at the restaurant for most of the 6 years she has worked there. Some are mostly Minor occurrences, but most of the staff does report unexplainable occurrences on a regular basis.

One possible apparition has been seen by one of the staff members, before opening the restaurant, she noticed a gentleman in the mirror behind her while she was applying make-up, she turned around to tell the man they were not open yet, and we she turned around, there was no one there.

Strange noises all around the restaurant, such as footsteps, pots & pans rattling, missing bar items, strainers & small metal objects most items reappear a few days later. The stairways are an active area; a lot of people report that while ascending the stairs, on both staircases, the feeling that someone is walking behind them is reported frequently.  

This location is Open to the Public, and the owner's welcome visitors. Most of the staff has a "ghostly" tale to share, if you would like more information about this location, please contact GHOULI *  

Equipment used - 2 EMF Gauss Masters, Temperature Gauge. Sony Night Shot, RCA Camcorder, Sony Standard Camcorder with Night Vision, 5 audio cassette recorders, 3 standard model 35mm cameras, Fugi FinePix Digital Camera.