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Kasper House Report


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9:30p.m. January 26, 2002 Phase II Investigation
Investigators Present: Tonya, Stephanie

We have collected some compelling EVP and photos during this investigation. We are now able to come to the conclusion that the spirits are attempting to communicate with us due to the logical EVP we are collecting. This location deffinately has an intelligent haunting.

On this particular night the spirits present at this site seem to have been more calm than on previous investigations, we believe this is due to the fact that they are becoming more comfortable with our presence in "their home". We feel confident that as we continue our investigations of this site, we will be collecting more data that will shed light on the mystery behind this haunted location.

8:00p.m. February 3, 2002 Phase II Investigation
Investigators Present: Tonya, Stephanie

We will be posting the report and information from this investigation as soon as all data has been analyzed.

8:30p.m. January 5, 2002 Initial Investigation
Investigators present: Tonya, Toby, Tracy, Stephanie

Hot spots seem to be the staircase and the entire upstairs area.

EMF and Tri-field meters were active in the home. Tri-field meter set at the top of the stairs was knocked over twice,analization of video should prove this.

Toward the end of the evening (approx. one o'clock in the morning) we were attempting to make contact in the upstairs hallway, it was noted that the temperature began to drop, readings began at 79 degrees and dropped to 70 degrees in a matter of approximately five minutes.

Further investigation is needed. The hope is that the "spirits" will become comfortable enough with our group to allow us to see them as they do the home occupants.

Update: After analyzation of the video it was noted that the tri-field meter DID NOT fall due to unknow circumstances.

8:30p.m. January 12, 2002 Follow-up Investigation
Investigators present: Tonya, Toby, Stephanie

This night the paranormal activity was much greater. Three investigators and both of the homes residents witnessed the door of an armoire in the master bedroom close twice with no apparant cause (see video footage). EMF readings at the time were at a 3, although outside interferance has not been discounted as of yet.

Multiple cold and warm spots were noted throughout the evening. There were no significant changes in temperature and only a percent or two drop in the humidity at these times. (We are currently gathering research involving the effect temperature and humidity changes may have when the possiblity of a paranormal presence is nearby.) Note: This is a home that is currently being lived in and has no drafts what so ever. It was also noted when the heating unit would come on so that we did not contaminate any temperature readings.

Throughought the evening members of the team felt as though they were being touched by unseen hands. EMF readings were between 2 and 3 on these occassions and orbs were present very near the person in photographs.

During a dowsing session a loud crashing noise was heard in a nearby room. Upon investigation it was discovered that the lid to the toy chest in the childrens room had been knocked off. Our assumption is that one of the spirits became agitated due our line of questioning during the dowsing and knocked the lid up and it hit the wall, hence the loud crash.

Equipment Used: Sony camcorder w/ nightshot, Kodak 215 digital, Fugi digital, Standard RCA Camcorder, 2 mini Cassette Recorders, 1 GE Portable Cassette Recorder, Acu-Rite Digital Temperature/Humidity Gaugem, 2 GaussMasters Multi Detector II EMF Meters, 35mm Disposable Cameras.