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Boarding School


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09/08/2001 Approximatly 8:00p.m. - Preliminary Investigation
10/06/2001 Approximatly 8:00p.m. - Follow Up Investigation

This is a summary of our findings and unexplainable things we as a team experienced. All happenings listed are with witness testimony , we will not recognize any members opinion or story if they were alone , if there is no witness, it will not be reported (but does not mean it did not occur).

Note: The preliminary investigation and initial follow up investigation have been combined in the report below.

We had arranged for several experiments to take place during these investigations. After the preliminary we were able to set up experiments that catered to the "spirits" individually.

SOUTH DORM ROOMS.---- Team members witnessed & documented all of the listed phenomena. ---- Children's voices saying "Hello" & "Hi" several times. Childs voice "whimpering or crying". Equipment failure on many battery operated units, the scent of a "band aid" that
seemed to follow us around, disappear & reappear sporadically, team members would conduct stationary camps to attempt contact, we witnessed responsive knocks on the walls, at our request. Intense and thick energy and humidity in well ventilated rooms.

Team members experiencing nausea and "the infamous get out" feeling.

Productive use of dowsing rods with a lot of movement and strong EMF readings accompanied by live night vision video to confirm paranormal activity .

A very strong gust of wind that appeared to have came from
nowhere, it lasted about 30 seconds. A wind source was not found (some nice video footage was taken of this occurance).

A large burst of light that happened behind us while walking, at the time we assumed it was lightning , but later found out the skies were clear the entire time (it was not a camera flash it was behind the entire team).

Team members reported a floating "mist" crossing the hallway. A few Possible shadows and body type outlines were seen in some camera flashes. Green and red ball of lights in halls. One team members shirt was "tugged" in the back, there a witness to this event.

There were a lot of other things that did occur while on location, due to the nature of them, they will not be reported until our return to the Boarding School, those accusations are inconclusive at this time.

NORTH DORM ROOMS --- Team witnessed several "hello's" in this area. Everyone on the team heard them. We also witnessed the smell of "band aids" in this area, we checked carpet and other sources to find where it may have
been coming from, we could not locate origination of the smell. The smell did follow us, and pop up occasionally in this building.

This building was quiet, but did have a lot of energy pockets. We did hear several unexplainable knocks and taps on walls at our request.

ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING--- 4 team members were "touched" on separate occasions but in the same room, on the arm, the face and the back thigh. Intense energy in different
locations, it was not in one room at a time, it would move in and out of rooms. Balls of light in and out of hall ways.

11/24/01 8:30p.m. - Follow Up Investigation

GIRLS DORM - EVP was captured but we need to pin point the location for future investigations. Energies could be sensed but only vaguely. Photos of orbs in various locations.

BOYS DORM - many orbs and unexplainable images in pictures. Much stronger energy could be felt. One investigators audio during the baiting session did not record, the recording of the baiting session begins as soon as we complete the session and are leaving. Three locations in the dorm showed active EMF readings, two bathrooms and one wash room. Orbs were photographed in both bathrooms during tri-field activity.

At one point near the end of the investigation a cologn/perfume could be smelled, following the scent led us into a bathroom nearby. A very strong energy could be sensed in this area. The EMF meter was also active. A picture was taken and the meter's activity ceased for a few seconds then began again. Analysis of photograph shows five orbs present.

Following the investigation of the bathroom, we entered another room. The impression sensed by three team members was of heartache, there was a sense of pain and emptyness such as a broken heart. After approximately five minutes in this room one team member began having stomach pain and felt that they needed to leave the area. EVP was recorded of a man saying "You'll be OK"

NOTE: Due to the cold weather we will most likely not return to the Boarding School until early spring.

At this time we have no video to post from the Boarding School.

The Boarding School was built in 1956, closed doors in 1970's , due to state and government funding. Native American rumor is that the land was "sour" before the school was built. That is the Local rumored on why the School did not prosper.

Accusations of Native American children being abused and neglected has not been documented with the courts. The information source we interview attended the school, and stated that all children were denied their Indian Heritage, forbidden to speak their Native tongue, and severely punished if they did so. The rumor is that a child did die in the building. It seems there are a lot of spirits on this land, not just those related to the school. There are not court records, proving that anyone has died, while the school was in operation. Before & after that, we did not research.

Our results at this time are inconclusive, there are so many different aspects to this location that need special attention.

You will hear a child like voice say "Gonna get in trouble", then an investigator ask "Why are you going to get in trouble?" We were picking up readings with the tri-field meter at this time. - EVP captured by Tonya

G.H.O.U.L.I. & P.I.C.O. Shared this investigation.
All equipment listed is a combination of both teams on 9/8 & 10/6 investigations.

Sony Mavica FD- 73 Digital Camera, Sony TRV-37CCD 8mm Camcorder w/night shot. Tri-Field Natural EMF Reader, GE Portable Cassette Recorder, Sony TRV98 Night Shot Camcorder, Panasonic QR240 Digital Audio Recorder, EMF Array (4 units to set up perimeter), 2 GaussMasters Multi Detector II Profi- EMF Meter, 12 volt to 110AC converter unit to power energy source. EX Tech IR Thermo, Olympus DS300l Digital Camera, Compass, 2 each RCA Standard Camcorders, GE Mini Cassette Recorder, Olympus Desk top audio recorder, Walkie Talkie Headsets, various flashlights and other Miscellaneous items, 6 KODAK 400 Speed indoor/outdoor disposable camera w/built in flash. (approximately 200 still photos taken combined) Various experimental materials.