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Kasper House Video, Photos and Additional EVP


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EVP captured by Stephanie while Tonya is placing a set of jacks down as bait.

The EVP has a possible child like voice saying something to the effect of "I know (something)", the last part of the sentence is difficult to make out. Please let us know what you think it says.

1/12/02 Pictured below you will see Toby examining the area of the armoire with an EMF meter. These pictures were taken approximately 10 seconds apart after the armoire door closed (see video above). Notice the bright orb in the upper part of the armoire in picture one.



The photo below was taken on the 1/26/02 investigation. Notice the haze on the left side of the picture. We have caputred mists in this area on prior investigations, but we would appreciate others analysis of this photo as to what this may be. Photo was taken with a Kodak DC215 digital camera.


The home was built in the early 1900's and has had numerous owners in the past 90 plus years. No known deaths have occurred on the property. We are currently researching the history.

Residents report sitings of a small girl (5 yrs. old), a man, and a shadow (possibly the man). Residents claim that the girl is interactive with the residents watching them and moving objects, playing with the children. The man is only noticed staring at the homes occupants. The shadow does move about the house and the occupants claim to have an extreme feeling of fear when the shadow is in their presence.

To download the video clips, right click on the link then Save Target As. Open the downloaded file in Windows Media Player.

1/12/02 Kasper House - Video footage of armoire in masterbedroom where the child will supposedly hide on occassion. Notice the door closing each time the investigator opens it. On the third attempt of opening the door it did not close. EMF readings were at level 3, although an outside source has not been ruled out as of yet, and a photo of an unusually bright orb was captured inside the armoire closet. -Collected by Stephanie, Team Investigator

Large file. Right click to download.

1/12/02 Kasper House - Orb (plasmoid) captured on video during the same investigation of armoire as above. The object can be seen moving from the bottom of the screen upward through the middle. This was caught on video after the third attempt of opening the armoire door. -Collected by Stephanie, Team Investigator

Right click to download video

1/12/02 Kasper House - Two orbs caught on video. On this occassion the camera had been placed on the floor looking into the music room. One of the homes occupants had set the organ to play approximately 14 minutes worth of music, for some unknown reason it would repeat after only a few songs.
-Collected by Stephanie, Team Investigator

Clip 1: You will see the investigator walk past the door, at 10:11:19 you will see an orb pass behind the investigator and exit the room. Clip 2: You will see an orb pass slightly above the camera and turn the corner exiting the room at 10:11:40.

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Right click to download video 2

1/12/02 Kasper - Orb captured apparantly exiting childrens room. You will see it at the bottom of the screen.

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1/12/02 Kasper - Orb caputred during dowsing session. You will see it streak accross the bottom right portion of the screen.

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