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11/16/01 8:00p.m. - Preliminary

During the walk through we entered two areas that seemd to have unexplained drafts and cold spots. One was the basement and the other was an upstairs office. Upon investigation there were no signs of where a draft would originate from, windows were in tact and the air unit was disabled. Temperature readings did not drastically drop in either of these rooms. The office area was actually warmer than the previously investigated room by one degree, and the basement only dropped one degree, although it was agreed upon by every member of the party that these areas deffinately felt much colder than the other areas investigated. In comparison to other areas, both rooms did have a considerable increase in humidity, a five degree increase in the basement and a four degree increase in the office.

Bateing techniques included audio recordings of period music and a boxing match. The music seemed to invoke the most reaction. Upon analyzing audio recordings a mans voice can be heard during the music in the basement and a woman's voice in the upstairs hall.

Numerous photos appear to show orbs, one inparticular is very bright and appears to glow. Further investigation is required to rule out any natural causes.

Due to the events on September 11th, we have not been able to gain access to the armory. This page will be updated as soon as another investigation is scheduled.

At this time we have no video footage from the armory.

The armory sits on what was once the location of a girls college. The college burned down and was never rebuilt. Witness reports are of hearing voices (women's laughter), doors opening and closing by themselves, hearing a ball being bounced in the auditorium. One witness reports that in the basement footsteps were heard walking in the standing water and upon investigation the water could actually be seen moving with each step.

Panasonic mini tape recorder, GE tape recorder, 6 Kodak Max Disposable Cameras, Panasonic Camcorder.