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Real Ghost Stories from Oklahoma


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As I was growing up in Oklahoma I was told stories of my family heritage. Yes I grew up learning the family tree and learning all the things that go with being Scotch/Irish. One of my best friends growing up was Scottish as well and by his last name there was no mistaking it. This is more his story than mine.

We had to be in Junior high and I was staying the night at my friends. Admittedly we had snuck out of the house and participated in some shall we say unsavory activities. It was very late and we snuck back in. I was staying in a guest room down the hall from my friends room. I was quite tired from our evening and I went straight to bed. My friend also went straight to his room and went to bed. Not too long after we had turned in I heard a strange noise. Truth be told I thought it was a peacock. It was very much like a woman screaming and at first my blood chilled and he hairs on my arms and neck stood on end. Convincing myself that it was a peacock I drifted off back to sleep. The next thiing I know I am being jolted awake. My friend is in the room shaking me and yelling my name. I turned on the light and see that he is ashen and visibly shaken. I told him that he looked like he had seen a ghost and then asked what was wrong. he kind of looked at my with a very confused look and told me that a banshee had been to his house. Now I was the confused one, sure I had seen Darby O'Gill and the little people but I was really lost now. Asking him to repeat what he had just said he told me the story. "I was laying in my bed when I heard a noise" he said, "The next thing I know I hear this awful wailing and it is getting louder and louder!" "I thought one of the animals had gotten hurt so I was looking out the window when I saw what I thougth was an old lady over by the pond." he started talking faster now "she saw me from there and started coming towards me!" He was almost crying at his point. I ran back to my bed and dove under my covers, but it just got louder and louder." the next thing I know I can feel something in my room!! "I peeked out from under the covers and while I could hear the noise I could not see anything, then suddenly I could!!! she came through the wall and looked right at me and then held out her hand as if beckoning me!!!" He was very excited and pretty close to hysteria at this point but you could tell he totally believed his story. He had just lived this experience. "The next thing I know I was looking at my crucifix on the wall and it all stopped!" "When I thought it was gone I ran down here to you!" I really didnt know what to say, sure I knew the legend of the banshee but how do you calm someone down after that? Well we chit-chatted for a bit and then the phone rang, the next thing you know his father came to the room and tapped on the door. My friends uncle had just passed away in an accident. Was it real? did he imagine it? Was it really a Banshee moaning for a lost relative? I guess you have to decide for yourself...........- Cappytan

The Floating Bride

When I was a small child, my grandmother used to tell me a story from her childhood. My grandmother grew up in a small farm town north of Oklahoma City, and this story was told throughout the town.

She would tell me of a bride who was killed on her wedding night. Every year, on her anniversary, whomever was living in the house that had belonged to she and her husband would claim that they could hear her crying and a woman dressed in a white wedding dress would hover over their bed. Some even claimed that they could feel the fabric of her wedding gown brushing against their skin.

Whether this story is true or not, I always found it fascinating when my grandmother would tell it to me.
-Stephanie, Team Investigator



Not many people view Oklahoma as a paranormal hot spot but those of us who live here know differently. I would like to share with you the tale of one of our more famous haunts, that of the Scurvin Hotel, located in downtown Oklahoma City.

The Scurvin hotel was built in the early 1900's and has had a somewhat controversial reputation, from being a "speak-easy" in the roaring twenties to a rumoured place of satanic worship in the 80's. The Hotel has quite a gothic appeal due to the many gargoyles that converge on the rooftops and ledges and was widely famous for its Austrian chandeliers that cost over a hundred thousand dollars each. After befriending a former guard and employee I became aware of the so called "story" which I will now pass onto you.

Apparently the original owner of the Scurvin, had an affair with one of the maids employed in his service. No one
remembers her name but employees nicknamed her "Effie". Effie conceived and in order to prevent a scandal, she was kept up in an out of the way room on a top floor. As the days passed by, Effie grew more and more depressed. After
the birth of their child, it became clear that Effie was not going to be let out and would probably become a prisoner in the room until the child was of a decent age. Growing ever more desperate she began to lose her mind. Finally, one day she grabbed the infant and escaped the only way she knew how...she threw herself and the child out of the window.

Guests staying there have reported being unable to obtain a decent nights sleep due to consistent crying of a child,
yet, when records were checked there were no indication that any couple had brought along their families. Stranger tales than this abound.

"Effie" apparently was a woman of loose morals in life and retained that trait in death, also. Many men have reported being "propositioned" by a female voice while alone in their rooms. Quite a number of men have also reported seeing the figure of a naked woman while showering. One man even claimed he was sexually assaulted by an invisible entity during his stay.

In the 80's a team of parapsychologist from the University of Oklahoma came to investigate the site. I am not personally aware of their findings but former employees tell of strange things that went on. One incident involved a maid's cart that moved down a hall all by itself.

Unfortunately, the hotel closed in the late 80's. The building still stands today, however. Many of the older generation look back on the past and remember the Scurvin for what it was and wish that it could be that way again. The younger generation claim that it's current state of appearance only adds to it's gothic reputation.
- Story submitted by anonymous source

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